Super Ultra Deadrising 3 Display

Over the past 6 months I’ve been working on an Expansion pack “Super Ultra Deadrising 3’ Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha” and as part of the project I helped build with Jason Buchwitz an in-house display for the project. Here’s a little sample of what the sign was able to do, starting with just an idle animation every minute or so it enters into an attract mode where the sign lives up the name of the game… Massively over the top and completely awesome! Check out the video below and afterwards you can have a read of how the display was put together.

The Sign is built mainly of foam core with graphics printed and glued to its surface, to illuminate the sign I used some 36mm Square 12V Digital RGB LED Pixels.

These lights are individually addressable (4 Per Square) and can produce the full RGB gamut. I chained a couple of these strings together and fed them around the display, starting around the logo and then behind the flames. The lights are controlled via a controller Chip (WS2801) and take data via SPI or Serial Peripheral Interface. This data feed is sent from an Arduino  Due.

This 84 MHz ARM Microcontroller looks after the sequencing of the display and can also control audio playback. The whole display is powered off  2x 12V power supplies for the Lights and a 5V power adapter for the Arduino.