Qt Overdraw

When I was working on my last tutorial I came across an interesting issue with the Qt UI. I went through all the elements using windows modifier and notices a number of elements that appear to be dupes.

Maya Perspective window after I started to shift some elements out

For starters we have a duplicated Display Bar?? And you can see on the right that the XRayBone icon is shown 4 times.  If I really felt like expanding every icon out probably all the icons suffer the same problem.

Now the interesting fact about this is that the callbacks seem to be split across different elements which make me think that this might be intentional.

  1. Takes mouse over messages, changing the image for all 4 icons
  2. This receives all the mouse click events and will toggle all the 4 buttons.

All of the other XRay icons don’t receive any kind messages. So I was thinking that maybe Autodesk might have implemented Qt a little weird in Maya, so I checked it out in QT designer and it has the same issue.

I’ve only checked this on Win7 but hey it might be the way that things need to work for this platform. If anyone else is able to check this out on another platform I would be interested to know. I’m not 100% sure if all these elements are being rendered individually, but if they are this could be a real performance hit if you are dealing with some heavy UI. I might head to the Qt forums and find out if there is any information.

I’ve also included a Summary video  with the Windows Modifier adjustments